Young people in Chicago need an educational environment that is academically grounded and rigorous, allows them to pursue their own interests, and engages a diverse community of mentors, peers and parents. One that supports learning anytime, anywhere in all the neighborhoods, spaces and places of Chicago.


What’s Going On at Our 2-Day Event

Hive Buzz Chicago will feature two key events.  Join one or join them all! It’s up to you where you belong.

 DAY 1: Buzz Generator

Join us for a fun mixer and energizer to learn how YOU WILL transform learning. Hear from educational leaders in Chicago, mingle with folks doing the hard stuff every day and understand the main areas of focus for YOUR action and influence.

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Day 2: The honeymaker

Ready to work?  Come back for Day 2, roll up your sleeves and make an impact.  Pick the challenge that you are most passionate about and dig deep.  At the end of the day, we will have a dynamic community prepared to make change in 2015.

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