In the spirit of Mozfest, our hack day is a place where you can...

Come with an Idea, Leave with a Community

Join educators and learners to co-create solutions to Chicago’s education challenges. 


The Mozilla Hive Chicago Learning Network envisions our city as a connected community where all learning counts. To achieve this vision we will connect leaders who use the tools and practices of the open web to co-create solutions that provide more equitable learning opportunities for teens.


Attend The Events

Hive Chicago Buzz features two key events – come to one or come to both! You don't have to attend one to enjoy the other.

 DAY 1: Kick-Off Mixer

Bridgeport Art Center: Sculpture Garden

Friday, March 17 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Join us for a fun mixer and energizer to learn how YOU WILL transform learning. Hear from educational leaders in Chicago, mingle with folks doing the hard stuff every day and understand the main areas of focus for YOUR action and influence.

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 Day 2: Hack Day

Bridgeport Art Center: Skyline Loft

 Saturday, March 18 | 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Ready to get working? Come back for Day 2 and roll up your sleeves to make an impact. Pick the challenge that you are most passionate about and dig deep. At the end of the day, we will have a dynamic community prepared to make change in 2015.

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How You Can Make An Impact

HCB17 makes it possible to leverage your skills in support of a better educational ecosystem for Chicago youth. We're looking for designers, developers, communicators, educators, and anyone with a passion to co-create with others.


This year, we're asking, How Might We...

reach and engage teachers at Hive events or other events?

empower Hive Chicago educators to measure the impact of their youth programs?

bring informal learning activities to public spaces in communities that we aren’t yet reaching?

design a youth fellowship program that authentically engages youth and doesn’t overwork adult allies?

authentically engage youth in the process of both defining their transportation issues and addressing them?

provide organizations, adults and peers of influence with tools to discover and direct youth to new opportunities?



I want to activate others!

Are you ready to lead others to explore the persistent challenges that face learners and passionate educators and limit the learning outcomes and connections possible for young people in Chicago.

Those who activate deeply understand the challenges and existing solutions and are ready to inspire others to action.


I want to enable solutions!

Are you in a position to help make real change for Chicago's youth? Do you have resources, access to political or thought leaders, or direct influence that can help others make a difference?

Those who can enable are local politicians, business, infrastructure or organizational leaders, grant makers, investors, journalists or researchers.


I want to get stuff done!

Are you interested in innovative new solutions to persistent problems in education? Will you take this work to your students, organizations, and communities to test, iterate or spread solutions to our shared challenges?

Those who do are educators, parents, mentors, program directors, managers, designers, facilitators students and youth in programs.

Our Moonshots

A Moonshot is a call to action that describes where our community can make collective progress.

Scroll through the Moonshot gallery below to review the Hive Chicago Buzz challenge areas our network is working to address. Click on the images to visit our website and learn more.