Session Proposal Form 2017


Hive is a solution-driven community made of committed, talented and skilled educational leaders and allies. Hive Chicago Buzz 2017 (HCB17) seeks to empower leaders to activate solutions and leverage the resources our community has to offer in order to better the educational ecosystem for Chicago youth.

We are requesting proposals for Skillshare Sessions and Working Groups to take place during day two of HCB17, Saturday March 18 2017. HCB Sessions should enable our community to address learning needs of youth and educators, and empower Hive members to spark new ideas.

A good session is participatory, purposeful, productive and flexible. When developing your session make sure you:

  • have a clear purpose of what you want to accomplish,

  • know who you want as participants and what they bring to the table,

  • and consider how your session will catalyze activity after HCB.

You can use this link to read some session samples, these sessions took place at HCB 2016.

Skillshares support peer learning and showcase best practices. Skillshares can be 45 or 90 minute long sessions. The following are questions to consider when thinking about your skillshare proposal.

  • What is the main resource that you want to share out?

  • Why is it relevant to the network?

  • What skills will members gain from this skillshare? Are they conceptual or technical or both?

Working Groups catalyze collaborative action and nurture a seed idea. Working Groups are 4 hours long sessions. The following are questions to consider when thinking about your working group proposal.

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

  • In Chicago we are focused on addressing shared problems of practice through Moonshot working groups (Access, Quality of Life, School Hive, Youth Voice, Community Engagement, and Think Thank- more info here. Is your session engaged in any of these issues? If not, could it be?

  • What are you hoping to create during your Working Group time?

  • How will this idea/project move forward after HCB17?

If you have any questions about Hive Chicago Buzz or the HCB Session submission process please contact Brenda Hernandez, Portfolio Strategist,